‘I was robbed and stabbed on a stag do and my attackers left me for dead next to a bin’

A Welsh dad was “left for dead” next to a bin after being stabbed on a stag do in Portugal two months ago.

Alex Evans, 33, woke up in hospital to be told he had been robbed and knifed three times in the stomach in Albufeira, a party resort in the Algarve, on May 15.

His parents raced to catch a flight from London to see their son at Faro hospital, where he spent eight days as well as a further 48 hours in intensive care.

Alex had no recollection of the stabbing, reports Wales Online, and last remembers being approached by a group of boys at roughly 5am after becoming separated from his friends and deciding to walk home.

He said: “I was pretty close to the hotel where we were staying. A group of boys came up to me and asked me where I was going.

“That’s all I remember. I woke up a day later in hospital being told I’d been stabbed.”

A passerby called the emergency services after coming across Alex between some cars and a rubbish bin on a street, where he had laid unconscious for around an hour.

He managed to track down the person who saved him and expressed his gratitude by sending them a birthday present.

Alex, a vehicle technician for Welsh Water, said: “We’ve traced my phone calls. I phoned my friend at about 5am and we’ve contacted the boy who found me and he said he was there for about 6am.

“So we think I was there for about between an hour and 45 minutes before an ambulance crew took me to the hospital.”

He has been told by medics to take a maximum of six months off work to fully recover from his injuries, but the attack has also left him suffering from insomnia and PTSD.

Alex, from Treherbert, said: “Most nights I struggle to sleep. A smell or a noise can trigger flashbacks and I just go straight back to that hospital.”

His mum Bev Evans, who met him after he was discharged from hospital, said: “Physically he’s getting there but his mind is still in Portugal. He’s there lying in bed not being able to get up all over again.”

Alex also pointed out the similarities between his attack and that of another Welsh man who was stabbed in a suspected mugging in the same resort earlier this month.

Joel Collins, 35, was also on his way home after getting separated from pals on a night out in the coastal city.

He was left with deep stab wounds and has since been placed in intensive care following multiple surgeries.

Heidi Collins said her brother had limited memory of what had happened to him three weeks ago, but nurses said it looked like Joel had been mugged, as he arrived at the hospital without his phone or any ID.

Police told Alex and his family that he had been targeted for his mobile phone, watch and wallet in a suspected robbery and assault.

But Bev said: “This is no assault. He was left for dead between cars and a bin.”

Referring to the man who found her son, she said: “In my eyes he is my hero. We could have been without a son and my grandson could have been without a father.”

In an attempt to raise awareness of the risks for anyone visiting Portugal, Bev added: “We do stand out as holidaymakers with what we wear and how we are. We’ve had to deal with the consequences of that.”

Alex also said: “The more people know about what can happen the better.”

A spokesman for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said: “We continue to support two British men and their families who required our assistance in Portugal.”


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