Carl Woods furiously slams Katie Price split rumours in expletive-filled rant

Carl Woods has shared a furious rant to hit out at rumours he and Katie Price had split.

The former Love Islander, 33, posted a string of videos to his Instagram stories to furiously deny claims that he and 44-year-old Katie had ended their two year long romance.

It had been claimed that mum-of-five Katie had been making it ‘obvious’ she was single during a solo night out in Brighton earlier this week.

“Katie was letting her hair down and telling people that her engagement with Carl was over,” an insider claimed to The Sun.

Katie, who’s romance with Carl was said to be “on the rocks”, was said to have complained that she and Carl were “rowing non-stop” on their Thailand holiday, during which Katie fell ill.

But, a furious Carl has now set the record straight as he hit out at the reports in a series of videos on his Instagram stories.

Filming himself inside Katie’s Mucky Mansion, Carl rants: “All of you are full of s**t,” as Katie walks past in the background he moves the camera and says: “Look, here she is. I’m still at the f**king house. All this, ‘Oh we want her shot of him’. Why don’t you all just f**k off?

“Because you know something, you wanna know the truth? I’m the best f**king fella she’s ever had. And I’m the one that suffers the s**t, no one else. So all this, ‘Oh he’s a bad person, he’s this he’s that, he needs to go…’ F**k off everyone because you’re full of s**t. I’m the one that’s on the frontline, I suffer the s**t and I’m the one that helps her, no one else.

“None of you, none of you that write this bulls**t actually know the truth. None of you knows what goes on. I support this woman through everything. I’m the one that gets the flack, no one else. So no, we haven’t broke up, I’m still at her house s f**k off with your bulls**t because you know nothing and you pretend.”

Carl continues: “I’m tired, I’m absolutely tired of being tarnished to be this bad person – and yes I am ranting, because you know what? I’ve suffered months and months and months with it… ‘Oh she’s unhappy with him, she’s unhappy with him’. I’m the one that’s been made a mug of all the time, no one else, and I suffer and I help so f**k off.”

In a later clip captured inside the Sussex pad, which Katie began renovating last year, he adds: “And look here we are, at the house having a lovely happy day.”

Moving the camera to show Harvey sitting on the sofa he says: “There’s Harvey,” panning the camera to show Katie in the kitchen he adds: “There’s Katie in the kitchen.”

He ends the clip by saying: “So all you f**king do one.”

In one final clip Carl fumes: “I deserve some recognition for everything that I do. Nobody sees behind the scenes. I deserve some recognition and I get nothing.”

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